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Everyone knows that it is important to have a good credit, but still some people strive from time to time with loss of revenue, monetary crises or too much debt. Credit card can be considered as a bad credit if, you have been late on loan for a period notRead More →

How to Calculate your credit score

So How Does Credit Repair Really Work? Anyone who says that they can improve your credit report within no times and without doing anything on your par, is not revealing fact to you Do not believe on such claims and don’t never pay anything to such claimants for their soRead More →

Using Sky Blue Credit to remove AFNI collections from your credit report

Sky blue creidt removes afni inc collections

What is AFNI Inc. Collections?

AFNI Inc. collections are one of the biggest debt collection agency in the United States. It acts either as a 3rd or 1st party collection agency buying debts from lenders and later making respective collections. According to many people, AFNI uses very strict measures to collect a debt from defaulters. This creates a very bad credit report in case you are one of the debtors of AFNI Inc. Repairing your debt once you enter their books may not be easy but with a few guidelines, Sky Blue Credit can help clear your debt report. A reputation of bad debts is never good for anyone and this is where Sky Blue Credit comes in.

How sky blue credit can remove AFNI Inc. collections.

In addition to removing your AFNI collection, the most important role of sky blue credit is offering you advice on the right step to take. We found a site called crediful that talks about this more in depth and how they will help you remove AFNI inc. collections:

  1. Getting legal documentation from AFNI.

This is the first step sky blue credit will take once they receive your request to remove your AFNI collection. The purpose of this is to make your debt legally valid. This will ensure that the agency has every legal right to collect the debt from you. This is done for surety purposes because there are instances where the agency may not have obtained the legal right to collect any debts from you. Legal documentation may differ depending on the state you are currently in keeping in mind that AFNI has offices distributed in different states of the United States.

  1. Negotiating for settlement.

This is the second step to take after sky blue credit has been determined that the debt is valid by law. Negation here may involve negotiating on payment terms. In many instances, AFNI will only have the mandate to collect a percentage of your debt and it means you only pay the paytable percentage. Another important part in negotiating is stopping the AFNI from indicating negative reviews and remarks on to credit bureaus. Finally, sky blue credit will help you completely clear collections from your credit report history. This will clean your credit report and you are now in good terms with credit bureaus. Making payments is not enough to repair your credit but clearing your account of all debts is the only way to give you a clean credit report.

  1. Legally disputing credit report.

It is possible to dispute your credit report in instances where you feel it is not correct and sky blue credit can help you in this. Once you file a credit bureau dispute, it is investigated and later forwarded to AFNI who later clear your account. In case AFNI does not clear your debt, credit bureaus must clear your credit report.

The key to solving AFNI collections is addressing the issue early before it becomes a problem. Sky blue credit has the right expertise to handle credit repairs including AFNI collections and cleaning your credit report professionally. There are cases where people find themselves in deep trouble because of unaddressed AFNI collections. In addition to damaging your credit report, AFNI collections can lead to endless lawsuits. It is only prudent to address this issue before having to deal with lawsuits, hiring a credit attorney and wasting time.

Credit Repair for Bad Credit

raise your credit score

Everyone knows that it is important to have a good credit, but still some people strive from time to time with loss of revenue, monetary crises or too much debt. Credit card can be considered as a bad credit if, you have been late on loan for a period not less than 30days,you have not paid your medical bills, you have lawful judgment against you, loan payment or charge payments. Getting to know how you can repair your credit is an important alternate that will help you financially and emotionally. Here are important things to consider when repairing a bad credit ensure that There Is Accuracy in Your Credit Reports

Sometimes a report may miss vital credit information or may contain incorrect information. ln such a case you should contact credit reporting agency so that the errors may be fixed. You should provide essential and complete information so that inaccuracies can be repaired and for investigation to be completed by the agency. Repay Outstanding Debts If your credit report contains bad marks which are as a result of unpaid debts then you should pay them as soon as possible. Exclusive of mortgage or house rent your debt should always be less than 20%. You should start paying if you are carrying more debts than you should.

There are various plans that you can use to repay you loans, you can start by paying biggest loan and then pay the smallest loan. You can also start paying loans with bigger interest rate and with small interest rate. These two methods will ensure that you are saving much money. Ensure That You Have Automatic Payment Reminders The most important factor here is to pay your bills on time. You can ensure that you always pay your bills on time by ensuring you have money in your bank account and then set automatic deductions for car payments, house rent, utilities and credit cards.

lf you don’t have money and there is overspending problem you can make a budget that allow you to meet you financial needs and that will not deprive you. You can also look for another job that can meet you financial needs. Negotiate with your creditors you should ensure that you know those people who owns your debt and always keep in touch with your debtors. Always contact your creditor or seek credit help if you know that your payments will be late or you have trouble paying. Conclusion In conclusion, if you will always use your credit card to pay your bills on time then you will have a good credit score and you will not have to worry about repairing your credit.You should never let bad credit hold you back financial freedom is useful in all aspects of life.

Can credit repair really raise your score

How to Calculate your credit score

So How Does Credit Repair Really Work?

Anyone who says that they can improve your credit report within no times and without doing anything on your par, is not revealing fact to you Do not believe on such claims and don’t never pay anything to such claimants for their so called “Services”. It is always preferable to believe in yourself and pay the debts on time which will automatically improve your credit scores and you will be safe and confident at last. But it does not mean that Credit rating of someone can’t be repaired. There are certain primary tips for repair your credit rating.

What can you do to repair your credit?

If your credit rating is poor, there are following methods which will make your credit rating healthy again. If you will follow following methods you will find that your credit rating is coming on right track:(Also See this post to improve your credit)

1. Bills should be paid down fully. This will account for 35% of your credit score. If only this point is observed, you will have a respectable credit rating.

2. Credit Utilization should be low. This will account for 30% of your credit score. For example, if your credit card limit is $100,000 and you’re maintaining a balance of $30,000, you’re using 30% of your limit. But if there is a sudden reduction in your credit limit to $30,000, then suddenly you’re using 100 percent of the limit what’s available to you So, it is wise to pay credit card debt at the earliest. Thus, you should maintain a cushion of credit utilization 01 30% or less for improvement in your credit rating.

3. It is advisable not to close the account when you clear a credit card debt fully. This will account for 15% of your credit score. If you close your account it will reduce your credit availability and consequently your credit score will also go down. It will be better practice to avail credit even for petty purchases and pay them off on time quickly. This will certainly improve your credibility as well as credit rating.

If you’re having a zero balance credit card and you are charged heavy annual fee on it, it will be better to fetch a credit card with no-fee feature. On getting a new credit card, you should get rid of the old credit card on time to avoid heavy annual fee.

Kind of credit obtained by you forms 10% of your credit score. So it is good practice to diversify your credit requirements and maintain a good credit mix. Remaining 10% of your credit score is determined by the quantity of credit availed by you so far.

Try the given tips in your life and you will find that your credit rating is improving gradually. It is better to practice these basics in your financial transactions and maintain economic discipline so that your credit rating will rise for sure.

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Simple Steps On How to fix your credit before buying an investment

Where there is a will, there is a way. By fixing your credit before buying an investment rehab business like Cornerstone Rehab will offer you some assistance with knowing your credit report. All you got the opportunity to do is take after basic principles determinedly until you move far from the red. This is a do-it-without anyone else’s help thing and you needn’t bother with a specialist interview on this one.

Steps of fixing your credit

1.Get your credit report. You became more acquainted with what you owe before you can fix your credit. You can get your hand on the credit report effortlessly and you can get it for no expense. Research on it and it would be less demanding to obtain. Yet, if you require the credit score then you got the opportunity to pay for it. There are destinations where you can purchase it from.

2.Check installments It is less demanding to forget where you have made a late installment and where you have defaulted unless you check the report. You got the opportunity to twofold check whether the negatives are honest to goodness or defective. Firstly, you can question the negative ones if you feel that they are defective and if you have records that backing your contention. There could little bills that are unpaid and appeared in the negative that you may have been ignorant of before. If you identify them pay them off instantly and fix your credit.

3.Plan and organise when you are through with your request make a rundown of the prompt credits and the not really quick. Organize and then plan likewise. The rundown can range from a noteworthy issue like bankruptcy to something as little as credit request. Remember, nothing is excessively unimportant, making it impossible to be not managed. Everything must be managed, however organize as indicated by their greatness.


When you are going to test then go for the jugular. No neighborly flames here. Say that it is not yours. Yes, simply begin that way. When you have chosen to battle, pack a punch on the first hit itself. When you begin relating then you ought to ensure you keep a record of everything. You ought to make certain to send them through enlisted mail. Never utilize the roads given by the credit departments. Continuously believe the enlisted mail benefit or certified ones.

There are times when you have paid off your debts, yet they by one means or another manage to cause issues down the road for you. The organizations may barrage you with debts that you have officially paid and if you don’t see then you will be paying them off over and over. This is the place the importance of keeping up records surface. It is additionally where the correspondences you have kept as a record becomes possibly the most important factor. You can without much of a stretch debate if you have the sponsorship of the supporting papers.